What is Fotograma?

¿Que es Fotograma

What is  Fotograma?

Fotograma is an initiative that seeks to provide people and small businesses with tools to define their commercial image, as well as positioning on the Internet, where quality and detail are prioritized without “bleeding” their finances.

In parallel but not least, as our origin was in corporate support in the systems area, we also offer the same through the TeamViwer platform; to individuals and SMEs the support they may require on this front, using said platform.

How does it operate?

Brand design and web design

Simple, the client sends what he wants with the information required to carry out the project (Example; I want to make the logo of my company, if possible I prefer blue and red and as a food company is an image about the subject).

Already in development of the project, models are sent for customer approval.

The projects are carried out virtually, that is, the client pays and receives what they have contracted through virtual channels (email or in the cloud). This for two key reasons; First is the optimization of costs and times, this type of activity lends itself to this. Second is that I am a wheelchair user and I am at ease behind a computer, I cannot say the same thing moving around the city.

After all, the services offered here are indispensable: knowledge, a super “Gamer” computer and a comfortable desk, obviously honesty and compliance. Beyond that it has no relevance in the development of what you have hired.

Remote support
Please check this page to know in detail.


How do I pay and receive what is contracted? And more importantly, how do I avoid being scammed if everything is virtual?


While the entire process is virtual (or at least the bulk of it), it does not prevent you from going to our workplace and maintaining constant communication. Our contact details are there for your use. More relevant is to consult the history shown on this page and confirm if this is true with some of our clients.


What services do we offer?

1.Brand Design

2. Web Design

3. Remote Support