Remote Support

Soporte Remoto



Receive the support you need without complications and remotely


Aimed at SMEs and natural persons; If you need to receive support in the area of reliable and fast systems here is the thing. More than fifteen years of experience in corporate support (we deal with Windows NT servers and Windows 95 clients)

Taking advantage of the technological tools available today as it is TemViewer that allows to provide support as if you were physically leading the team, but without incurring unnecessary delays and displacements.

Can you and / or your company solve things as simple as an application that does not open, a suspicion of viruses, the installation of Office until the parameterization of a domain server or the virtualization of a machine.


How does it operate or proceed to receive it?

As simple as downloading a file of no more than 20 MB from this link, execute it (when executing it it will show a random number called ID and a password also random) and with the connection data dictate them to grant temporary access. When you close the application, the access is closed and the data changes, so you can rest assured that nobody will connect to your computer without your authorization.


Already connected we can manage the equipment as if we had it in front and you see what is being done. With this tool we can support ninety percent of the possible requirements that you might have.

You can see here a screenshot of the application once opened with which access is granted. NO program is installed, it is an executable