Extended experience

Experiencia Ampliada

Extended experience, although we no longer offer these services, we believe it is important that you know them as part of our Reel (Historical). To have a more tangible, complete and comprehensive concept of us. Remember the three services that Fotograma offers;

Brand Design, Web Design and Remote Support.


With this particular client, from the speech to the selection of images


From end to end the design of these project covers “Una ventana a la construccion”


A small sample of product (and pet) labels, a service that we do not offer today as we have agreed exclusively for one of our clients in this type of design

And all this for what it serves here if it is no longer offered? Well, our idea is that you can get a complete picture of Fotograma and if we do our job well, get you to notice our background in design and development. We were not always Fotograma. Our experience comes from further back but today it is consolidated in this project, which unlike previous experiences seeks to exploit the technology for our own benefit and that of our clients.